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Honey Habanero Garlic Rub & Seasoning

Flavor with a Kick!
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Product Details
Now this is nice!
Exquisitely blended using Granulated Honey, Orange Zest, Spanish Paprika, Habanero Chili Powder, Mesquite Smoked Flake Finishing Salt and, of course, Garlic!
First you will pickup the unmistakable sweetness of honey soon followed by a nice habanero heat trailing with notes of citrus with a bit of smokiness from the mesquite salt and Spanish paprika.
We find that the citrusy flavor of orange zest tends to play well with the Habanero.
Use 1 Tbsp. for each Lb. of meat, chicken or pork. 1/2 Tbsp. for each 1 lb. of fish. It's best to allow the meat, chicken, pork of fish marinate in the refrigerator for 1-24 hours to allow the seasoning to marry with the meat before smoking, grilling broiling or baking,
Net Wt. 2.7 oz.
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