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Gilroy Garlic Pepper

No salt and really tasty!
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Product Details
This is Not Just Another Pepper!!!

If you like pepper we think you'll really enjoy what we have done with this.

Using a nice medium grind black pepper mixed with minced garlic creates the forward flavor followed by wonderful citrus notes of orange & lemon with finishing with the sweet goodness of onion flakes. C'mon, really?
Use as you would an "ordinary" pepper but you should go beyond that. Delicately pat a pork short rib to create a real treat. Black pepper chicken or black pepper crab is our favorite. Mix into hamburgers. Rub onto baked or grilled chicken. This is wonderful seasoning for crusted salmon or as a rub for tri-tip.
Mix with softened butter in creation a compound butter to slather on grilled steaks, ribs, corn on the cop even veggies.
Chicken, fish, eggs veggies.
Even add to olive oil.
Great in sauces, soups, mashed potatoes.
Adds a wonderful flavor to whatever you are grilling, roasting or cooking.
Net Wt. 2.2 oz.
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