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Garlic Thanksgiving Pack Special

SKU TG2020
$71 Retail for $50 SAVE $21 plus FREE SHIPPING!
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Product Details

This is a $71 retail package that we are shipping out for $50, and FREE SHIPPING.

What's Thanksgiving without cooking up some of your favorite recipes that have been handed down forever and then Spank 'em up with our wonder-filled Specialty Garlic Seasonings and such. Right? You bet I'm right. Let those neighbors know that you know what you're doing. Let Reek waft through the neighborhood.

You'll receive one of the following products directly to your door. This package is very limited, so waste no time. Make it yours today.

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1. Habanero Pickled Garlic

2. Lemon Garlic Garni

3. Garlic Chile & Lime Seasoning

4. Garlic Cracked Peppercorn Seasoning

5. Roasted Chile Olive Oil

6. Garli Ghetti Cheesy Pasta Sprinkle

7. Garli Garni Low Salt All Purpose Seasoning

8. Garli Garni Seasoning

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