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Pat West

Most of you that are on this site, right now, have met Pat at shows and events around the United States. She is truly the "Garlic Lady."

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Since our physical shows are still being canceled, we are stocking our online store with new products and special deals for you. You can get your favorite items PLUS, you receive an instant $5 off your order if it totals $25 to $49.99. IF your order totals over $50, you get FREE SHIPPING.


Bishop Mule Days has decided to open up over the traditional dates of Memorial Day weekend. We've been displaying our stinkin' goodies for a very long time. Each year we get to catch the Mule Rodeo and listen to some great music.

We are very proud to join in the celebration this year. It's a time of family and friends. This year will be a little different of course. Masks, hand sanitizers, hand sampling etc. but that's the way it's done now. Step by step, inch by inch we are rebuilding our society and Garlic is a very important part of our health program, just like it was 8,000 years ago. Remember? Yea, me either, but it is written in history.

We hope to see you there. Remember, if you can't make it, we are shipping. Just go to the store and place your order. We'll get it right to you.

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