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Pat The Garlic Lady
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Paul & Pat West

Most of you that are on this site, right now, have met Pat at shows and events around the United States. She is truly the "Garlic Lady."

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From Pat's Desk

How can we thank you enough. Your support through these times is amazing. We'll do our best to keep you informed as to when and where we can show our products until then visit the online store. FREE shipping for orders over $50.00.

As of, November 23rd, our Show Schedule is up to date, although the dates keep being pushed back. Keep an eye on the Show Schedule page for updates as they happen

Rightfully so, we all are being very careful. Since all the shows we do are canceling and we are getting calls for all your garlic stuff so we've put up an Online Store to make it easy for you to order. We ship directly to your door. Check it out and we appreciate your continued support. Check for specials at the Garlic Shop.

Novembers "Reek & Roll Show" has been canceled. We will resume the show in December and the date will be posted shortly.

The season is here. Eat your garlic, cooked and raw. It will help keep all those creepy little bugs at bay in your system. It helps keep that heart pumping and the big thing, it makes everything taste GREAT.

Join our list below for all the updates sent directly to you. If you have questions, concerns or ideas, don't hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call. You've been our family for almost three decades. We're not going anywhere anytime soon.

Now, "Go wash your hands..."

Welcome to the "Reek & Roll Show" with Pat the Garlic Lady
LIVE from her Kitchen with Bro. Paul

Yes. We are missing everyone and we want to invite you to join us, on Nov. 24th at 8pm Eastern, for an hour of Garlicy fun in Pat's own kitchen. We will talk Garlic, make a great recipe and then take time to kick back and enjoy each others company at the table and shoot the poop, catch up and answer questions.

Be sure and arrive 10 minutes early so we can let you into the kitchen.

We love our Garlic Gummers out there. You're family. This is FREE and we are excited to have you visit our home.

November Show
is canceleD
We are sorry to say, we have had some distractions arise that were unexpected. We have decided to cancel the November Show, but we will be back in December. The December date will announced here on this page.
We Have a Gift for you so you'll remember us as you sniff your kitchen.

I want you to have a copy of my Garlicious Dishes Cookbook. I wrote this in 1993 and it was called the Garli Garni Handbook at the time. in 2019 we digitized so it could be downloaded in PDF format. When you sign up for Garlic USA - Online below, you will receive a link for a FREE download. Garlic USA - Online will come about once a month or so. It's our way of staying in touch as we miss seeing you guys at the shows. Times are changing. We are too. Let's keep the Garlic Family & Friends together... We need that, and so do you.

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Pat the Garlic Lady - Questions, she's got answers.
Spreading the Garlic Gospel everywhere.
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