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Paul & Pat West

Most of you that are on this site, right now, have met Pat at shows and events around the United States. She is truly the "Garlic Lady."

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How can we thank you enough. Your support through these times is amazing. We'll do our best to keep you informed as to when and where we can show our products until then visit the online store. FREE shipping for orders over $50.00.

As of today, July 29th, our Show Schedule is up to date.

Rightfully so, we all are being very careful. Since all the shows we do are canceling and we are getting calls for stockpiles of Garlic Festival products. We've put up an Online Store to make it easy for you to jazz up all those home cooked meals of yours. Check it out and we appreciate your continued support. Check for specials at the Garlic Shop.

Please take special care of yourselves and keep that Garlic flowing through your veins. We'll keep you posted as to where and when we will be in the future. Check the Show Schedule Page.

The season is here. Eat your garlic, cooked and raw. It will help keep all those creepy little bugs at bay in your system. It helps keep that heart pumping and the big thing, it makes everything taste GREAT.

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Now, "Go wash your hands..."

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1993 - Paperback

2003 - CD

2019 - Instant PDF Download

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Garlicious Dishes

1993 - Paperback • 2003 - CD • 2019 - Instant PDF Download

NOW available AGAIN!

In this, "The Last Copy" you will receive 43 delicious Garlic Recipes. In and out of the kitchen within a half hour. Loaded with Garlic and flavor. You really want to check this out. 100% money back guarantee.

(This is fondly known as the "Garli Garni" Handbook.)


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