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Pat The Garlic Lady

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See you at the Show!


Take Some Time With The Family

Garlic can't change the way the World is heading right now, but it can make a difference in how our families and bodies react to each other. We want to be healthy. It's a fact that Garlic has been keeping civilizations in better health for around 8,000 years. It's just history.

As the Holiday Season approaches, we truly want to thank all of you that have been with us through the past three decades or so. Garli Garni was the first and still the #1 seasoning we offer. You have continued to keep it in the #1 spot. So as we reflect on all of our adventures around this country, we can only say Thanks! You have made us proud to be in this crazy and stinky business.

Our plans are to continue to support you, our beloved customers, with all of our smelly products making your dishes the stars of "Your" shows. We truly love you all and wish you an amazing season. We'll see you at a show and if you can't make it, just jump up to The Garlic Shop and we'll send all you Garlic Goodies directly to your home.


Check the Schedule Page for up coming shows.

Check out this recipe below. This is the way to make it. It's a sign that you care about your health, or just Love great Garlic food and garlic goodies... PLEASE don't hold back on the GARLIC!!

Garlic Butter Fish

(Click the Link above and enjoy)

By Bee Yinn Low

Please be kind to each other. Gather around the table and celebrate. Share food, love and comfort. We all deserve it.



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From Pat's Desk

Welcome My Stinkin' Friends

Welcome to Pat The Garlic Lady - family owned and operated for 34 years! We specialize in uniquely flavored garlic seasonings, sauces, mustard's, pickled garlic, oils, well, go look at the store, it will all be there for you and your friends. We can be found at Art & Crafts Fairs and Renaissance Festivals around the country. We make America Stink. You can find your kids in the dark too. Check out the store or come see us at a show, or just click and we'll send it to your door. Check out our online The Garlic Shop right here on the site.

December 1st, 2nd & 3rd - Pat & Paul will see you there!

Tempe Festival of the Arts

We can't wait to see you.

Everyone come down to the Festival this weekend. We've been at this festival for the past 30 years! We love the people and the town. We have the Garlic Products that you've been waiting for.

Let's Celebrate Together

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Things you find on the Web

This is a pretty funny read I found the other day. It was posted 9 years ago. It made me smile, well I mean it made me Laugh Out Loud. It's a funny read. CLICK:

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