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Pat The Garlic Lady

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Pat West

Most of you that are on this site, right now, have met Pat at shows and events around the United States. She is truly the "Garlic Lady."

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You'll get recipes, specials, garlic ideas, ingredient watch reports and other stuff that pops into my head and out of my keyboard. I'll see you here.


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From Pat's Desk


As our Festivals and Shows slowly open up, we're excited to be bringing all of our awesome Garlic products back to you. Be sure and go to our Schedule Page that is being updated continually to get the dates and locations of our shows.


We have finished our 2021 Show Schedule. It's time to dust ourselves off, relax a bit and then make sure we are shipping your Garlic Goodies direct to you whenever you need them. We are here for you.

Thank you all for helping us have a successful season. We've been friends for about 30 years now and you are not just customers, we are family. It's the way we intended to grow. So far, so good. Stay connected. Sign up for Garlic USA-Online to receive all our Stinkin' communications. Happy Holidays. Share us with your friends. Gift Certificates available below. Now get back in the kitchen...

We are very proud to join in the celebration this year. It's a time of family and friends. This year will be a little different of course. Masks, hand sanitizers, hand sampling etc. but that's the way it's done now. Step by step, inch by inch we are rebuilding our society and Garlic is a very important part of our health program, just like it was 8,000 years ago. Remember? Yea, me neither, but it is written in history.


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