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Pat The Garlic Lady

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Take Some Time With The Family

Garlic can't change the way the World is heading right now, but it can make a difference in how our families and bodies react to each other. We want to be healthy. It's a fact that Garlic has been keeping civilizations in better health for around 8,000 years. It's just history.

So we have a couple of months of transition weather before we get into the summer '23. Let's stay healthy. Here's a nice cozy Onion Soup Recipe for you. Enjoy my friends.

Classic French Onion (Onyo) Soup! | Chef Jean-Pierre

(Click the Link above and enjoy)

Please be kind to each other. Gather around the table and celebrate. Share food, love and comfort. We all deserve it.



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From Pat's Desk

Welcome My Stinkin' Friends

Our travels continue. Check the 2023 Show Schedule page to find a show where you can sample our wares and pick up some garlic to take home with you. You are important to us.

The 2023 Show Schedule page is updated. See you soon...

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Thanks for checking in. We truly appreciate you and remember to keep using as much garlic as you can. It's one of those magical foods that will help you last longer.

As mentioned above, we have shows happening now and through the rest of the year where you can come sample our wares and learn about our love of Garlic. We are always playing with our food. You never know what we'll come up with next. It's the way of Garlic.

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