Pat West

Most of you that are on this site, right now, have met Pat at shows and events around the United States. She is truly the "Garlic Lady."

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From Pat's Desk

Heads up Garlic Heads... Don't forget that the South Florida Garlic Fest is February 8th and 9th. Yes, of course we'll be there with all of our Garlic Goodies. We'll be loaded up, but come early, we are the Gilroy Garlic Guys and we can only bring so much across the country. Make plans today!

Be sure and check the Show Schedule page to catch up with us. We'd love to hear about your Garlic Adventures.

The road is calling. I've got to pack the car and head out there to spread the word of Garlic to everyone I meet. Thanks for stopping by and If you need anything, don't hesitate to contact me personally. I'm always here for you.

The season is here. Eat your garlic, cooked and raw. It will help keep all those creepy little bugs at bay in your system. It helps keep that heart pumping and the big thing, it makes everything taste GREAT.

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