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The "Spice Rack" Pack

$72 Retail for $55 plus FREE SHIPPING
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This FLASH special is very limited. We have put together five (5) of these Packs for those of you that are into GREAT Garlic spices. Garlic is the key word. Spank up any dish with these and just look at the twinkle in the eyes of your guests and listen for the soft, "Mmmmm" slide from their throat. A job well done.

This is a $72 retail package, but the way we've worked it out is we can charge you $55 and toss in FREE SHIPPING. Your total to your door is: $55.00. Thats the best Stinkin' deal we can do on these. Remember, "The Gift of Garlic keeps on giving... And giving... And..."

You will receive a bottle of the following items:

Click on the items to learn more about them.

1. Spicy Herb Pickled Garlic. This is pickled garlic that has been laced with Italian herbs and spices.

2. Garlic Chile & Lime Seasoning. Great especially with avocados, on salads and veggies and meats, etc.

3. Garli Ghetti. This seasoning is a staple. Romano Cheese, Garlic and basil. Kind of a Pesto seasoning.

4. Organic Roasted Garlic Pieces. Yep, that's it. Just Roasted garlic anytime you need it.

5. Garli Garni - Low Salt. This is our classic Garli Garni except with out the salt. Well just less than 1%.

6. Lemon Garli Garni. It's our Garli Garni again, but with a real lemon base. Fish, dressings, Bloody Mary's...

7. Garlic Cracked Peppercorn. This chunky spice will amaze you. More flavor that you'd expect. My favorite.

8. Smoked Garlic Sea Salt. Just what it says. You know what to do with this, I'm sure...

9. Mesquite Grill. Just rub it on and grill away or air fry or bake. You'll get that amazing Mesquite BBQ.

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