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Fall Flavors Pack - $10 off Retail today. - Very Limited!

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This Package Deal is considered one product. Keep in mind, if you get your order over $50, you get FREE SHIPPING. Jackpot! Right?

Fall is upon us. We've got a deal on a combination of flavors that will enhance anything that you decide to whip up in your kitchen. Check this out

1. Olive Oil - Roasted Garlic & Chilies. Exactly what you are reading. Yum!

2. Garlic Cracked Peppercorn Seasoning. - What a blend. Use this in everything. Take a little taste right out of the bottle, then once that flavor is on your tongue, your brain is going to shoot out a ton of stuff that it wants you to try. I suggest writing it all down, because you'll forget all that mass of thoughts. (Personal experience.)

3. Organic Roasted Garlic Pieces. - The name really says it all. That's all you get. a bottle of garlic flavor that you can add to anything...

4. Chipotle & Lime Garlic Rub. - This Rub will satisfy all of your tangy Rub recipes easily. Shake it on. Rub it in, Meats, chicken, fish just to get you started. Then, let your imagination take you to places that you've never gone before. Enjoy my friends and new explorers...

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