NOTICE: Pat is traveling. Most of the time, for the next month, she will be out of the country. If you need to contact her, please use her email address at: She will be checking email often and will reply as soon as possible, dependent on WiFi connections. Pat will be back in full swing on May 25th.

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Garlic Festival, Pat the Garlic Lady
from Pat's desk...

Well soon it will be June. The summer season. Shows will be poppin’ all over the USA. Garlic season 2018 will be upon us.
Share your garlic stories with us. Send Pat an
email with recipes that she will put here on the site or in her next cookbook.

You can order your garlic goodies online directly to you home by clicking the
Garlic Festival Foods link to the right. ==>>

Always call for updated info. 602-432-0679. I’m here for you.

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Check Pat's "Tour Schedule" for up and coming shows. (update soon.)

Do you need your Garlic NOW? If so, use the link to the right side of this page to go to the store. You will be able to browse all the Garlic Festival Food products and have them shipped right to your door.

Garlic is still the number one food of choice with us and it is and will continue to boost our immune systems and keep us healthy.

Welcome back everyone and if it's your first time here, welcome aboard it's nice to have you.

Notice: Many of our pages are under construction… Still. Thanks for your understanding.

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